Dabur Products

Dabur is the leading brand for quality Ayurvedic products all around the globe, with over 250 Herbal/Ayurvedic products in its range. This 132-year-old Ayurvedic Company aims to provide best quality products at every household. Dabur India has a wide distribution network of 6 million retail outlets covering both urban and rural markets.

Ayurveda has been around us for thousands of years with its origin from the Vedic system of India. Due to its natural healing and use of natural herbs approach, more people are now attracted towards it.  So, to provide with the best Ayurvedic products, TabletShablet brings to you the most popular herbal brand at the comfort of your homes.

Dabur Products at TabletShablet

TabletShablet provides a wide variety of products ranging from health supplements like Dabur glucose top products for females like oxy bleach and fem. All Dabur products are 100% Ayurvedic and safe.

There are a range of like Health supplements at our website like Dabur honey, Dabur glucose. Dabur chyawanprash 1kg is derived from a 2,500-year-old Ayurvedic formula. It contains combination of herbs and plant extracts with the base of Amla pulp.

Dabur products for beauty care like hair oils, shampoos, skin care are also available. Dabur Amla hair oil is enriched with the Amla, nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair strands, from root to tip. In addition, it enhances hair growth. Dabur Gulab jal is a natural toner helps cleanse your skin. With the goodness of rose extracts, it invigorates and refreshes skin.

Ayurvedic medicine like Dabur Shilajit contains a unique combination of medicinal plants like kesar, Shilajit. It helps increase stamina, strength and vitality. Dabur Honitus is an Ayurvedic syrup with natural, medicinal plants like Tulsi, Mulethi and Banapsha. It provides instant relief from acute cough and throat irritation, without any side effects.


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