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  • AllStar Reusable Insulin Pen

    • Allstar Reusable Insulin Pen is Slim and discreet
    • With Clear dose magnification window
    • Dose arrow on both sides
    • Bayonet cartridge lock
  • BD Ultra Fine Pen Needles (6mm)

    • BD Ultra Fine Pen Needles (6mm) is a perfect injecting needle for people who prefer a 6-mm length.
    • It helps promote a comfortable insulin injection experience.
    • Delivers an accurate dose.
    • Has an ultra-fine needle point.
  • Humapen Ergo 2 Blue Pen

    • Humapen Ergo 2 Blue Pen is designed for injecting insulin. 
    • The easy-to-use pen ensures that insulin is administered with ease and pain. 
    • It uses a Lilly 3mL insulin cartridge. 
    • When added into the pen, it allows you to inject from 1 to 60 units of insulin into your body. 
    • This can be used for about three years after its first usage.
  • HumaPen Luxura

    • HumaPen Luxura HD Device is an Insulin Delivery Device designed for ease of use.
    • With HumaPen Luxura HD Device we can inject from 0.5 (½) to 30 units of Lilly insulin from a 3 mL Cartridge (100 IU/mL). 
    • You can dial your dose one half (½) unit at a time. If you dial too many units, you can correct the dose without wasting any insulin.
  • i – Port Advance Injection Port

    Less pain & more comfort. This is a great way to improve the transition to taking insulin shots. i – Port Advance Injection port especially beneficial to children and their loved ones, who often get anxiety when it's time to take a shot.
  • Novopen 4

    • NovoPen 4 is an insulin pen that can deliver insulin doses from 1 to 60 units, in increments of 1 unit. 
    • NovoPen 4 is designed to be used with PenFill 3 mL insulin cartridges and NovoFine disposable needles.
    • Be careful when handling your NovoPen 4, do not drop it and avoid knocking it against hard surfaces.
    • Always remove the needle and replace the pen cap after each use.

Insulin Injecting Devices

In Diabetes, your body is incapable of using the insulin properly or, in case of type 1, can’t make it properly. The role of insulin is to manage the blood sugar levels, preventing it from getting too high or too low. Having either too low or too high blood sugar levels can cause serious health complications. For diabetic people, it is necessary to provide their body, healthy insulin levels, and for that there are different insulin delivering methods called, Insulin Injecting Devices.

A person can’t take insulin through pills and it will get digested before entering into the blood. So, it is necessary to put it directly into the bloodstream and for that there are a variety of devices like Pens, Syringes, Pumps and Inhalers. With all these insulin delivery methods, the insulin will directly enter into the blood.

The most effective and less scary insulin delivery is through Insulin Injection Pen, which looks like a normal pen you’d write with, but instead of ink, it contains insulin. The use of the pen is easier and hassle free and some pen also comes with a memory feature, telling you when and how much your last dose was.

TabletShablet has a range of Insulin pens from known brands like Insupen EZ, AllStar, Novopen 4, HumaPen Luxura HD, available at amazing discounts and reasonable prices.


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