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  • BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles 4MM 32G

    • The 4mm BD nano pen needles are equipped with EasyFlow technology which improves insulin flow through the needle. 
    • This in turn lends convenience to those people who have hand strength challenges. 
    • The 4 mm pen needles are also equipped with the patented Penta point 5 bevel technology which contributes to a flatter and thinner needle tip
  • BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles 5MM 31G

    • The Becton Dickinson (BD) Ultra-Fine Insulin Pen Needles have universal compatibility with all types of diabetic pens
    • They have a puncture-resistant outer needle shield
    • They are available in the gauge size of 31 and needle lengths of 5mm
    • PentaPointTM comfort for a smoother, gentler injection experience
  • Blood Lancets

    • Blood lancets are generally disposable. 
    • Lancets are also used to prick the skin in skin testing for allergies. 
    • A blood-sampling device, also known as a lancing device, is a reusable instrument equipped with a lancet. 
    • It is also most commonly used by diabetics during blood glucose monitoring
  • DiabaScan Lancet Device

    • Diabascan Lancing Device injects & retracts a lancet, reducing pain and preventing contamination.
    • Safe and Flexible, it allows for testing from the finger. It makes testing convenient anywhere, anytime.
    • Diabascan Lancing Device makes it easy for diabetics to quickly and easily take blood samples for blood glucose testing. 
  • Diabascan Lancets

    • Easy to use and grasp
    • Very smooth, Tri-bevel point for virtually painless stamping
    • Consistent depth penetration 
    • blood lancets provide a fine tri-level tip of painless sampling for blood which fits universally in almost all lancing devices
    • Sterile with x-Ray Irradiation
    • High-quality Construction
    • Made of durable plastic
    • Type - Round Type

Lancet Needles Lancing Device

The first step to check one’s blood glucose level is to put a drop of blood onto the glucose meter. And for that, lancet and lancing devices comes into play. A blood lancet needle is a sharp object that pricks the finger to draw out a small drop of blood out of the skin to test the blood glucose level. Lancet and lancing devices are different, as lancets are for single-use and lancing devices are for multiple use.

Lancets are sometimes used with a lancing device that helps make the lancing process more effective and less painful. There are different types of lancing devices from different brands, making devices a little different but the general idea is the same.

Lancet Needles Lancing Device are usually designed to firmly grip the lancet, and are operated by simply clicking a button. Depending on how thick-skinned the patient is, there are different settings for it.

When it comes to lancets, not all are same. They differ in needle size, making the process less painful. Lancets also comes different for children and adults.

TabletShablet has a range of lancets and lancing devices from brands like Diabascan, Perfect, and BD Ultra-Fine. Also, you can get Lancet needle price at discounted and affordable ones.


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