Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter is attached to the fingertip so as to measure the amount of oxygen in the body. In various medical conditions, the measurement of oxygen level is the must.

Oxygen is not just important for breathing. Each and every cell of the body needs oxygen to survive. Usually a person’s oxygen levels stays normal (i.e. at 95%) but in cases of people with COPD, heart attacks, Asthma and lung cancer, under anaesthesia, oxygen levels doesn’t stay stable on its own. For those cases, regular monitoring is important and Pulse oximeters are just the device for that.

They are small, clip on devices that measures the oxygen saturation level in the blood where the term Oxygen saturation means how much oxygen is getting to the organs. It works by shining a light through the skin, which then falls through a detector that measures amount of light that is absorbed by the blood thus, indicating the oxygen levels.

It is very important to monitor the oxygen levels in infants in neonatal intensive care units, therefore pulse oximeter for babies are also used. The oxygen level of 95 to 100% is normal for a healthy baby and the oxygen level below 95% needs immediate attention.

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