Walking Aids

Mobility is one of the best gift given to mankind. Walking not only makes a person move from one place to another but also gives them a sense of independence. Due to injuries, accidents, diseases, a person can lose his mobility either temporary or permanent. What helps them further experience walking is through walking aids.

From their name itself, a person can understand what walking aids are. They help a person who is unable to walk, move, on his own. Walking devices helps a person improve their walking pattern, balance or safety while walking independently. One of the post-polio effects is walking and in order to assist them in walking, there are several walking aids for polio victims, in the market.

There are different types available in the market like walking sticks or Canes, Crutches, Walkers, Quadripods, Elbow sticks, etc. Their purpose is the same but differs in terms of their usage or on the kind of the injury they’re used for.

Canes or walking sticks, have a rubber pod at the bottom that prevents it from slipping. Whereas, walking aids crutches are for people who cannot use their legs to support their weight, as a crutch transfers the body weight from the legs to the upper body.

People with poor balance and mobility are often advised to use walkers, as they provide a wider base of support than a walking stick.

Accidents can happen to anyone and kids are not prone to it. So, walking aids for babies are also available that are made especially for kids.

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