Ankle Braces

The ankle is an extremely delicate part of the body. When injured, it can cause severe pain and inflammation, leading to prolonged immobility. An ankle brace is a support brace worn around the ankle to protect it or for immobilization while allowing it to heal from sprains and other injuries. It is designed such that it supports, stabilize, and limit the range-of-motion of the ankle joint in injury, or offer protection to people who are prone to ankle injuries.

Being usually made of rigid fabric such as nylon and neoprene, which allows limited mobility of the foot and conform to the ankle by a hook and loop fastener. In rehabilitation, they are used to immobilize the ankle in a neutral position, which minimizes the stress at the repair site. There are a variety of Ankle Brace available, depending on the condition and injuries.

TabletShablet has a comprehensive range as well as best products of sprain injury like a1 ankle support (neoprene), a4 ankle brace (elastic), Tynor D 01 Ankle Binder, Tynor D 02 Ankle Brace, Tynor D 01 Ankle Binder, Tynor D 17 Foot Drop Splint Right/Left Child, Tynor D 25 Anklet comfeel (Pair).

How to wear Tynor Ankle Binder:
  • Disengage the hook loop strap from the buckle
  • Fold the hook with the loop next to it.
  • Now, disengage the hook tabs of the two laces
  • Open the brace from the front so that laces get loose
  • Slide the foot into the ankle brace
  • Adjust the position accordingly
  • Tighten the top hook loop using the reverse buckle mechanism
  • Now, pull all the laces simultaneously


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