Foot & Leg Braces

Foot and Leg injury immediately affects a person’s ability to walk. Whether it’s a major or a minor one, an injury requires an immediate treatment as it causes serious pain and discomfort.

A foot and leg brace not only help support the injured part but also provides effective relief from pain and inflammation. For people having fractured leg, we have a wide range of products for you like Cast Shoe, Walker boot, Cast cover, Foot traction kit, etc.

For post-surgery recovery, foot traction kit is an excellent option as it provides complete immobilisation and boosts the healing process of the wounds. It contains the crepe bandage, foam strip and traction cord that together provides below-the-knee traction in order to heal fractures.

TabletShablet also have products to treat foot drop, metatarsal pain, deformity of big toe, bunion, etc.


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