Wrist & Thumb

Any injury to the thumb and wrist can lead to a great deal of pain and difficulty moving the hand and using it. To fasten the recovery and reduce the pain and inflammation associated with the injury, wrist thumb support braces are the right choice. So, we offer you a variety of these braces.

With the thumb and wrist injury, these braces help in the recovery by ensuring the perfect immobilization to the wrist and thumb. These braces include wrist wrap for pain, thumb splints, etc. And are from known brands like Vissco, Tynor, AccuSure, etc.

By exerting a lot of pressure to the wrist due to sports and excessive typing, a sprain happens sometimes. And for that, wrist support band for pain really helps a lot. It supports the wrist and quickens the recovery process.

When the thumb is bent backward out of its normal range of movement, it affects the ligaments that supports the joint at the base of the thumb. In these cases, a thumb Spica Splint works by keeping the thumb in the functional i.e. abduction position.

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