Ergonomic Chairs

Normal or Basic wheelchairs are made to allow the user to move from one place to another. And are the same for all its user. But, sometimes depending on the injury and the person’s body features, basic wheelchairs are not the perfect choice. And that’s where Ergonomic wheelchairs come. They are designed keeping in mind the user’s injury and physical features like height, weight, and proportions.

These wheelchairs offer various advantages over basic wheelchairs like, the pressure is distributed more evenly across the legs and rear. Also, they prevent forward slippage and offer a more stable seating surface.

To attain maximum user comfort, most ergonomic wheelchairs include design factors like lightweight frames, rear wheels, and specific angling. These factors also ensure that the wheelchair requires less effort. In addition, it also reduces the chance of further spinal injuries, skin shearing, and bedsores.

These kinds of wheelchairs also allow self-propulsion with less effort and ensure less strain to the shoulders, hands, and arms of the user.

At Tabletshablet, we have wheelchairs from known brands like Sage, Vissco, and Karma ergonomic wheelchair. These wheelchairs offer common features like easy to store and foldable, cushioned seating, comfortable foot and armrest, etc.

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