Karma Wheelchair

Mobility provides us with the freedom to walk anywhere we want. But, there are people who are unable to walk due to accidents or certain injuries. And for them, karma wheelchairs are the perfect commodity. A wheelchair allows its user to be independent, have the freedom to go anywhere and to participate actively in family and community life.

With the same thought in mind and i.e. to provide all the people with access to mobility, Karma Wheelchair came to the market. The company Karma aims to improve the quality and enrich the lives of physically challenged people, by providing the best mobility aids. Kenny Chen, the founder of Karma, worked tirelessly with top-notch R&D teams from several countries to create many innovative designs. And now, Karma is an international brand, selling to over 40 countries around the globe.

Karma Wheelchair India

TabletShablet provides you with a wide range of Karma mobility aids, to make them accessible to the Indian customers. To help people with disability, our range includes wheelchairs from simple to powered ones, to commode chairs. And not just that, we also have Karma walking aids like canes, walkers.

Ever since the company was established in 1987, ‘Fit’ is the core value of the Karma brand. Just like the Karma Wheelchair Price. Which fits the quality and purpose of its products. The price differs according to the products.

So, Get Karma Mobility Aids now to enjoy mobility to its Best. Just like thousands of people around the world, whose lives were transformed after using Karma Wheelchairs and its other products.


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