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Health is what matters the most. It depends on a wide range of factors. Maintaining good health by improving the health via prevention, diagnosis and treatment at the right time along with Medicine or additional supplements is Health Care. A diet filled with good stuff and dietary supplement is also crucial to stay healthy. TabletShablet, the online healthcare portal provides a wide range of Health Care Products Online, with attractive and effective discounts. May it be a cough and cold preparations, pain relievers or digestive medicine, we have everything for you.

Sometimes, the pain gets to the level of unbearable, where medication is the only option available. To deal with pain, we have a wide variety of Pain Killer Medicines, to alleviate any kind of pain. Any damage to the body caused by external forces such as accidents, falls, hits, weapons, etc. is referred to as Injury. Injuries can happen to anyone and anywhere, but it’s the treatment that matters. So, depending on the severity and condition of the injuries, we offer Home Medical Supplies and Equipment, all the comfort of your homes.

Cold and Cough are not as simple as it seems. They can make a person like dull, irritated and down, throughout its duration. To get rid of that stubborn cold, we have a range of Cold & Cough Medicines, which takes no time in treating the cold.

Diabetes is a condition that affects the body’s ability to process blood glucose or blood sugar. It occurs when the body’s blood sugar is too high. We have a variety of Medicine for Sugar Patients, to help control diabetes. Diabetes currently affects more than 62 million Indians. It can be controlled by making some lifestyle changes, along with medicine for diabetic patients.


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