Cough and Cold Products

With the change of weather, the most common problem that almost everyone faces is cough & cold. Even if it doesn’t pose any serious health concerns, cold and cough does create a lot of discomfort. The constant coughing causes pain in the chest and sometimes in the stomach too whereas cold is just downright irritating with its constant sneezing and running nose.

In the market, you’ll find a number of different medicines for cough and cold. But, with these medicines, there is always a risk of selecting the ones which have large quantities of Nimesulide (which causes drowsiness). And with the number of cold and cough medicines being banned from time to time, it is important to know which one to buy and which one to avoid.

Just like other medicines, the cold and cough medicines for children should be different too. You can give the medicines meant for adults to kids, as kids needs medicine in loser doses. In cases of cold, in place of using cold medicines for newborns, one can go for home remedies or Ayurvedic ones.

People with high blood pressure are often at a risk of taking medicine that may increase their blood pressure. There are certain cold medications in the market that may pose that threat. So, it is important for these people to select only the cold medicines for high blood pressure, as they won’t affect the blood pressure levels.

For pregnant women, it is not safe to use just any cough medicines in pregnancy, as their overdose or overuse may affect the foetus. For them, Ayurvedic cough medicines or home remedies are the perfect solution.

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