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Women’s have a long history with UTI infections. And it’s definitely not the pleasant one. The main reason behind these infections is unhygienic bathroom conditions or using a public toilet. 85% of women say that they hold their pee just to avoid using dirty toilets. And that is not the right solution for this. Because, the right solution is PeeBuddy.

There is a brand in the market just to take care of UTI infections. One such brand is PeeBuddy Products. It provides products that ensure your toilet experience is infection-free and pleasant. Also, there are products to maintain feminine hygiene as well.

Peebuddy: Easy Solution to UTI

Peebuddy Disposable Freedom to Stand and Pee is India’s First paper-based female urination device that avoids contact with dirty public toilet seats. Now, no more wiping of Seat, no more squats, no more Experiences at Dirty Toilets. Just stay infection free! It is ideal for conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, arthritis, and also during travelling or trekking. This PeeBuddy Product is for single use only, throw it after use.

For people, who are worried that they catch UTI as their trips. Now, you don’t have to worry about it! With PeeBuddy Travel Kit, you can rest assured and just enjoy the trip of yours. The kit contains 3 PeeBuddy, 1 Feminine Pain Relief Patch, 5 Disposal Bags, 1 pack Intimate Wet Wipes, 1 Pair Underarm Sweat Pads, 4 Patches Mosquito Repellent Patches. When combined, all of these products will make sure that your trip remains tension and infection free!


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