Hand & Foot Care Products

Unlike other parts of the body on which we pay attention to, hand and foot are the ones that always get avoided. There is not a specific reason behind it but avoiding those leads to dry and cracked skin. It’s not like there are less hand and foot care products in the market, because there are many of them.

When it comes to hand, the skin there is just as delicate as the face or any other part. Taking care of it is just as important. Hands can be medium through which bacteria and germs enters our body. So, it is important to keep them clean all day long and we some effective hand cleaning products like hand wash and hand sanitizers, from known brands like Dettol, Savlon, Himalaya, Palm Safe, etc.

Other than cleaning, hands should be moisturized as well, as they are in direct contact with the outside. At TabletShablet, we have some moisturizing hand creams like Ayur All Purpose Cream, Ayur Moisturizer Lotion, etc.

Ignoring the feet leads to cracked and scaled one, which can be painful sometimes. There are a variety of foot care products that helps treat cracked foot and even prevents them from getting cracked. These foot products are Krack heel repair cream, Himalaya foot care cream, Softheal Cream, etc.

Get the complete range of effective hand and foot care products at discounted prices, from our website.


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