Face Wash Scrubs

Face is like a cover page of a book. It’s the first thing that a person sees before buying it. Just like that, our face is the first thing anyone notices. No matter how much we deny, but our face reflects how healthy we are from inside. Thus, you need face wash and scrubs, especially made for your face.

Face Wash: First step for a Good Morning

Washing your face is the first thing you do in morning. This can refresh your mood instantly.  But, just soap and water is not enough. Your face is delicate and different from your body. And harsh chemical based products can strip out that natural oil from your face.

Wide Range of Face Wash and Scrubs

Hence, you need something, which is more gentle and natural. Try WOW Skin Science face wash, scientifically made but derived from nature. It is available in variety of range and ingredient based particularly on skin-type. Or, Mama Earth Ubtan face wash, made with grandma’s traditional ingredients. Safe and effective.

Scrub: For a Radiant Skin

Exfoliation is the key to have glowing skin. It helps remove the dead skin layer and dirt going deeper into the skin. You may cover your body, to protect yourself from pollution. But, you cannot protect your face this way. Hence, you should at least scrub your face twice a week. With awesome face wash and scrub from Tabletshablet.  Reveal that beauty, hiding underneath the dead skin.

Explore our wide range of Face Wash and Scrubs, to get the perfect flawless skin you always wanted.


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