Face Serum & Masks

To get a beautiful, glowing, healthy skin, it is important to give your skin the constant care and attention it needs. There are hundreds of skin care products in the market that claims to make your skin look flawless and glowing. But, being sensitive the skin is, one cannot just apply anything to it. So, to give your skin a beautiful and healthy boost, we come up with a range of face Serums & Masks, that are totally safe for skin.

Whether your skin care routine has 5 or 10 steps, what’s common, and are a must are face serums. Basically, they are lightweight skin moisturizers that not only moisturize the skin but also help the skin retain moisture. They serve many purposes like face serum for glow, anti-ageing, hydrating, and for skin whitening.

Most serums contain a combination of antioxidants, which will brighten the skin. Hyaluronic acid and peptide are common ingredients of a hydrating face serum. Whereas, face serums with vitamin C, are the most common and preferred.

Nowadays, face masks have become an important part of a luxurious skin care routine. And are available in different types like sheet, mud, gel, peel off masks, etc. A face mask does a variety of things to face like cleansing, hydrating, and brightening it.

Tabletshablet has a wide range of face masks and face serum for oily skin, dry skin, and other skin types. We have products from known brands like Mamaearth, WOW, TNW, Vasu, etc. Explore the range and get them at exciting deals and discounts.


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