Samson Products

With the promise of Quality, TabletShablet offers a wide variety of Samson products ranging from scrotal support belt to cervical pillows, all at the comfort of your homes. Also, all these products are available at a reasonable price and supreme quality.

To support the abdomen and compress the abdominal muscles, it is recommended to use supports. Samson abdominal support for back pain relief increase circulation at the surgical site to promote healing and decrease swelling. In addition, it also holds the abdominal muscles together to relieve pain.

Samson: To Handle all kinds of Pain

For any knee-related injury, there are various Knee Support products like knee cap for pain relief. That supports the knee joint by allowing the free movement of the knee without straining it or injuring it. However, for injuries like fracture, muscle ligament injury or dislocation, the ideal product is knee brace for knee pain relief. It supports knee joints and speeds up recovery.

For people with neck injuries, it is important to maintain their neck movement for the proper recovery. Cervical collars offer perfect immobilization, minimal contact of the neck. Samson cervical collar soft with support comes with a chin lock that arrests the neck rotation for stronger and better immobilization.

However, in cases of surgery or after an injury, Abdominal belt for back pain is mostly preferred. It improves blood circulation and oxygen levels at the operative site, to speed up the healing process. Made of a perfectly elastic and breathable material, it doesn’t roll over. In addition, Samson abdominal belt also tones up abdominal muscles.


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