Trichup Products

Over the years, more and more women are saying goodbye to chemical products and hairstyling devices and welcoming their natural hair textures. With so many women transitioning to wearing their natural hair textures, the use of herbal products has increased drastically. The use of Trichup herbal products ensures that there will be no side effects, only healthy growth. One such herbal hair brand is Trichup products by Vasu Healthcare.

Vasu Healthcare, is a leading company in India manufacturing and marketing Phyto-Pharmaceutical Therapeutics, OTC, Personal Care and Herbal Supplements, since 1980. Its popular brands are Trichup, a Haircare range and Vasu, a Herbal Skin Care range. All the products at Vasu Healthcare Products are 100% herbal and are manufactured in a state of the Art modern production unit.

Explore the wide range of Vasu products that provides essential nutrients to the hair roots to make it longer & stronger. These products are made from Natural Herbal Actives, which ensures no side effects and no damage.

Trichup: Bringing Ayurveda into Hair Care

Because the Trichup products reviews are good, people are now more attracted to it. There are a variety of Trichup products on our website, like shampoo, oil, anti-hair fall, anti-dandruff products that will give your hair a natural boost. In addition, these products will also solve all your hair problems.

The products are categorized according to hair problems like hair fall, Anti-dandruff, Healthy Long & Strong, Hair Enhancers, etc.


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