Intimate issues are not something that people are very open to talk about. Due to embarrassment or any other reason. But, one thing is sure, that it is definitely not something to be ignored. Our body is a complex machine, changing its appearance and its intimate need. Understanding the body and its need is a way to know yourself better. And Vigini Natural Actives helps you to achieve that.

The company provides Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, Non-Carcinogenic and Hypoallergenic intimate products. Making it safe to use for intimate areas.

Vigini: A Personal Care Brand

While understanding intimacy issues and different body needs, TabletShablet, brings a variety of intimate care products. We often think stretch marks are embarrassing, and starts hiding it. Why do we need to hide, when we can treat this problem, with Vigini massage cream for stretch marks. Formulated with natural actives like castor, almond and essential oils, the massage cream reduces stretch marks in a more natural way.

It works by increasing skin’s elasticity and boosting collagen production. Also, it reduces the redness and itching, providing nourishment and moisture to the skin. Vigini stretch marks oil is for people who prefer to use oils over cream, with the same quality, but comes in a different consistency.

Some women feel less confident because they do not have firm breasts. Vigini bust firming cream helps to get that desired appearance, without any expensive surgery.  However, surgery gives quick result but has been proven unsafe for the long run.

A healthy vagina leads to a healthy lifestyle. Knowing the importance of personal hygiene, a woman can experience a lot of benefits from Vigini Intimate wash. For instance, lactic acid and tea tree oil in it helps to maintain the pH balance of the vagina, keeping it rash, itchiness and fungal infection-free. Its ingredients are natural and effective, safe to use avoiding any harmful chemicals.


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