VISSCO Orthopaedic Products

Pain- No matter how strong or weak it is, causes inconvenience and discomfort in your day-to-day life. It can come from nutrient deficiencies, diseases, injuries, accidents. We all experience pain to greater or lesser degrees at various points of our lives. But, how we deal with it is what matters the most. One of the commonest form of pain is called orthopaedic pain caused by sports injuries, accidents or due to bone related disorders and problems.

Well! TabletShablet ensures that you have an effective orthopaedic solution in your grasp. And that solution is VISSCO, which is one of India’s leading and oldest manufacturers of orthopaedic and mobility aids. The company was started by Mr. Chinubhai Gandhi, the founder, in 1963. It manufactures cost-effective, high-quality Vissco Orthopaedic products that caters to all your pains.

VISSCO: An Innovation to Ortho Care

TabletShablet provides you with a wide range of Vissco Pain Relief products that have been tailor-made to aid in your recovery process. All of the ortho products are made of top-grade materials that are skin-friendly and ensure proper pain management.

For people who have difficulty walking due to accidents, Vissco Wheelchairs come to your rescue. There are a variety of wheelchairs available like Basic, Ergonomic, Premium and Power, to make mobility easier for you. For minor accidents or injuries where wheelchairs are not required, one can use Vissco Walker Stick. 

Massage helps improve blood and lymph circulation partly due to the physical manipulation of soft tissue and partly to the chemicals released as part of the relaxation response. There are different Massagers like Foot Relaxer, Vissco Massage Chair, which have specially designed massage programs that soothe tired and aching muscles. Another solution for back pain is Vissco backrest, which massages Paraspinal muscles (Muscles around the Spine) by its rolling action. Its Infrared heating causes increased blood circulation and muscle contraction which leads to pain relief.

For neck & cervical pain, you can go for Vissco Cervical Pillows like memory foam, regular, deluxe, round soft, etc. It helps maintain the position of the neck to provide muscle relaxation and proper support to the head and neck during sleep. We also have a variety of Vissco belt, which helps relieve your pain as well as helps in fractured bones and sprains.

Knee pain is very common in not just geriatrics but also happens due to sports injuries. For that, we offer Vissco Knee Caps like hinged, Pro 3D Knee, Neoprene Patella Knee Brace with 2 Bioflex Magnets. These products are anatomically designed to support and stabilize the knee allowing early healing.

What makes VISSCO Orthopaedic products differ from others?
  • Superior quality for a speedy recovery
  • Contemporary design for effortless everyday use
  • Optimal support for unmatched comfort
  • Competitive pricing to ensure care for all
  • Online availability for easy accessibility


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