Health & Energy Drinks

For the purpose of getting instant boost of energy or health, there are variety of products available in the market like Health and Energy drinks. They are both different from each other, as energy drinks aims for energy boost whereas health drinks are used to enhance health, just like Multivitamin supplements.

Just like its name, energy drinks give you an extra burst of energy. Drinking them provides increase in energy and enhance mental alertness and physical performance.

The source of energy in most of the energy drinks is sugar and caffeine. The caffeine in it works by blocking the effects of adenosine, a chemical involved in sleep, which lets the body think the situation an emergency one and makes you alert and energised. There are a wide range of availability of healthy energy drinks with caffeine, in the market.

TabletShablet has a wide range of energy drinks available, which helps brings up your energy levels. Considered one of the healthiest energy drink 2019, KS energy drink provides mental alertness thus, helping you feel more active and focused.

We also have drinks that give you energy without caffeine like natural juices, Glucon D, Enerzal, etc. The source of these energy drinks are mostly salts and Glucose. They are considered one of the healthiest energy drinks.

Apart from all this, Health drinks ensure a boost of health by increasing immunity and other health benefits. There is a wide variety of health drinks on our website like, Green Tea, Aloe Vera Juice, Amla Juice, Geo Natural Panch Tulsi Drops Essential Oil, etc. They contains natural ingredients like herbs and medicinal plants.

Other than that, we also have milk powders from known brands like Bournvita, Boost, Complan, Horlicks and Ensure, etc. These powders are also a source of energy as well as health.


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