DIA Foot SB Cream 100 GM

Recommended for the treatment of dry and damaged, scaly , itchy skin.

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Product Name: Diafoot SB Cream

Pack Size: One pack contains 100 gm cream

Diafoot SB Cream has been specially formulated using the following ingredients which are very effective in treating various skin related issues . It has the following ingredients:

Allantoin: Topical Allantoin is a very effective emollient and it helps to remove dry and dead skin making our feet soft and smooth.

Dimethicone: when applied topically will help to moisturize the skin . Overexposure to dirt and pollution makes our skin dry and cracked . Our feet also develop rashes and itching due to sweating and this causes skin irritation . A topical of a product having dimethicone helps in such cases.

Shea Butter: This is one of the most effective ingredients when we need to treat dry or even very dry skin. It helps to retain the natural moisture and removes dryness due to its inherent property. Shea Butter is very useful in treating dry skin conditions like wrinkles , peeling , itching due to excessive dryness etc.

Benefits of  Diafoot SB cream

Dia Foot SB Cream is very beneficial for the treatment of excessively dry and flaky skin . Dryness could be due lack of proper moisturization , or due to medical conditions like fractures where the skin becomes very dry and itchy while the plaster is on. It is one of the useful hand and footcare products available online.

How to Use of Diafoot SB Cream:

Clean your feet with warm water and a mild soap. Pat dry your feet completely and apply a thin layer of Dia Foot SB Cream  and let it stay.

Contraindications: The product should be used under medical supervision and the use should be discontinued if the problem aggravates.

Use Under Medical Supervision

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